Subject:  Letter of Recommendation for Jack Zdvorak, Fuzion Pickleball, Instructor and Coach

 I’ve been playing pickleball for over five years.  When I retired two years ago at 53 my goal was to improve my game and start playing competitively and become the best doubles team player I can be.  

I met Jack through a friend of mine.  I was taking lessons from another instructor and was slowly improving.  I took a chance with Jack and my first lesson was great.  I knew from that moment he was going to be the coach for me.  

Jack’s understanding of the game is unbelievable.  He is constantly researching to teach strategies and the intricate details of the game.  I believe his strength is working with teams. Personally he has taken my game to the next level with my doubles partners. Jack is always prepared and willing to listen to our struggles on the court and figure out a plan of attack. He is dedicated and the hardest working coach I know. He is punctual, patient, positive and most of all personable.  I give Jack the highest recommendation!


Jack's tutoring and instruction has tremendously improved my pickleball skills.  As a self taught intermediate player, who struggled with positioning, a mediocre backhand, and a short no volley zone game, I watched Jack work with other players from our club seeing how he implemented drills, game simulation and positive encouragement before deciding to solicit his assistance. Although initially interrupted by COVID, I have resumed sessions with Jack and my game has taken off! Jack is methodical in his drill and skill set techniques. Most importantly, though, Jack explains why these techniques work and provides opportunity to experience success.  As I have continued with Jack, other players have commented how well my game has improved. I credit Jack and would highly recommend anyone, regardless of your level of play, to seek out Jack for enhancing your game.  I only wish I sought out Jack earlier!


I have known Jack Zdvorak for 2 years when I started taking lessons from him. At that time I was a struggling 3.5 player. After a few lessons from him my husband noticed a huge change in how I was playing. This season I have medaled in almost every tournament I have played in, both Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles. I try to play at least 1 tournament a month.

You will not find a more dedicated and caring instructor. Jack is one of the most positive, intuitive and knowledgeable coaches I have worked with. Just looking at his credentials you will see why. Whether it is singles strategy, doubles partner improvement and strategy or just improving your individual game, Jack can quickly see what your weaknesses are and help you to work to improve them.


Let me begin with my journey here in Florida to a new life in the Sunshine State and being introduced to the game of Pickleball.  At the time I was working full time and really did not have time to put into improving a game I had become addicted to very quickly.  Being close to retirement I decided it was time to start enjoying a hobby I found to be fun, competitive and great exercise.   I took the leap at trying to be the best I could be at the sport of Pickleball.

After seeking out instruction in several clinics and working with many instructors I had heard about Jack Zdvorak and how incredible he was at teaching at the highest level.  So when I learned of his background:

 3 Certifications in instructing Pickleball & Tennis:

PPR - Professional Pickleball Registry / USPTR-US Professional Tennis Registry / 

USPTA-US Professional Tennis Association) accreditations and 30 years of coaching experience in tennis and Pickleball with some of the top players 

I met with Jack in 2017 for my first lesson.  Immediately he started making the corrections not only mechanically but now implementing skills I had not seen.  He not only knows the sport, he can teach, coach, and he does it in a manner while building confidence with positive reinforcement.  

After 2 years working with Jack, I am taking his coaching and skill advancements, to tournament play.   I had played a few tournaments with minimal success and always depended on my athletic ability, now I am proud to say I can utilize the skills Jack has ingrained in me and know it works.  

 January 2018, I started taking the tournament circuit a bit more serious with a Mixed Doubles partner.  We learned we wanted to try to achieve higher level of play and work as a team. We continued to work with Jack to help us achieve that goal.  After a couple of non medaling tournaments we started to shine with finishing 2018/2019 Season with 4 Gold Medals, 1 Bronze in a 3.5 Level and then medaling in 4.0 with 2 Silver.  We are not only able to medal we can say we are playing at a much higher level of Pickleball and continue to grow.  This was truly only achievable with Jack’s guidance, instruction and coaching.  Jack has helped me to believe in myself and has supported me to get to this higher level of play.  

I have also witnessed Jack help so many other members in our club bring their game to a higher level of play.  

We are very fortunate to have Jack here in the Tampa Area! Jack puts in so much time and energy into players here, I know he will one day bring a player in our area to the highest level of Pickleball.  Jack Zdvorak is a top -notch Coach/Mentor anyone could have!  I am proud to say he was my Coach.   

Thank you Jack for being the Passionate Coach and Instructor you are!!  You give so much to your students in knowledge, time and energy!! 


I have known of Jack Zdvorak for 3 years and had heard of his instructing and coaching Pickleball.  I had never taken instruction from him until my Mixed Doubles partners suggested we do so in order to elevate our game for tournament play.

I really was not searching out instruction but again, at the nudging of my partner decided to give it a try.  Wow, in just one session, Mr. Zdvorak gave me a key strategic, mechanical adjustment to my backhand at the NVZ (No Volley Zone) that totally revolutionized my soft game making my backhand almost impervious to opponent’s attacks.

Having attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, serving in the U.S. Army as a U.S. Paratrooper, served as a Church Volunteer Director in Chicago, and working for Proctor & Gamble, I have received and given instruction and coaching in many and varied settings.  Mr. Zdvorak ranks as one of the top instructors with whom I have ever been associated.

Mr. Zdvorak shows the ability to take a player at their current skill level and take them as far as their physical and coordination skills will allow.  He takes them to a level they would not ordinarily have achieved on their own or with another coach.

He provides an open, honest environment that he permeates with a positive, “can do” attitude.  He uses creativity and imagination in setting up drills that will equate to “on court” play and competition.  He never gets down on a student, but he never stops prodding them to achieve their best in a positive way through repetition and ingraining a strategic mindset in them.

Enough of the qualitative, what about the quantitative, the results.  In the first 9 months of tournament play with my Mixed Doubles partner, prior to Mr. Zdvorak’s instruction, we never won a medal.  After his instruction, in the past 9 months. We have medaled in every tournament we have entered to the tune of 4 Golds, 1 Silver, and 1 Bronze.  This includes winning a Gold Medal at the prestigious 2019 U.S. Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, FL, the largest tournament on the east coast.

Thanks to Mr. Zdvorak’s coaching we are achieving our full potential and have advanced in skill level.  Without his mentoring, we would not have accomplished this feat.